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Welcome to the free multimedia portal where you can watch hundreds of live TV channels online and listen to the live radio stations on the internet.No special software, hardware or subscription service is needed - it's free.To watch live TV channel or listen to the live radio station simply click on desired channel or station.Watch free online TV channels and listen to the radio stations from around the world: Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East ,Australia and more.
Other way to watch online TV and listen internet radio stations is a PC satellite TV software.The software can be readily downloaded from the internet and installed on your PC in minutes.So it's your choise to watch free or paid Internet TV and Radio online.
Enjoy your favourite live TV channels online and internet radio stations.

Top Reasons To Get Satellite TV on PC Software

by Darren A Gibson

Perhaps you are considering purchasing software that allows you to watch satellite tv on your pc or laptop, but have been put off for one reason or another. If you are still undecided, this article will help you decide for yourself whether the time is right to take the plunge and start watching streaming television shows and movies on your home computer.

There is No Ongoing Subscription Required To Watch Satellite Tv on PC

If you have cable or satellite tv at home, chances are there will be a monthly subscription based upon your choice of channel package. Watching free tv and movies online usually entails just the initial cost of purchasing the program to install (normally less than $50).

Picture Quality Has Improved

In the early days, poor picture quality was a problem. Slow internet connections and big file sizes meant that video had to be heavily compressed. Today, most people connect to the internet via high speed cable or DSL broadband, and digital file compression techniques have really improved, making overall file sizes smaller without losing picture quality. Unless you are limited to dial up connection speeds, quality of picture is no longer an obstacle to watching satellite tv on pc.

Massive Choice of Channels

Wherever you live in the world, there will be stations local to you available for viewing online. Having satellite tv for pc software on your laptop means you can keep up to date with your favorite shows while traveling the globe - or perhaps you have a show you like to watch that is broadcast in another country first and can't wait to watch it. Depending on which interface you decide to use, there are now literally thousands of movies and tv shows you can watch online.

You Can Burn TV Shows and Movies to DVD

Many of the satellite tv to pc products available offer an option to save programmes to your hard drive or on a DVD, so you can watch them whenever you like. One benefit of this is that you are able to watch the film or show in your living room on your DVD player.

The Scam Factor - there are some unscrupulous people making a profit from the growing interest in watching cable and satellite tv on pc. You may have seen ads on auction sites at ridiculously low prices. These are often for pirated or copycat software. Common problems encountered are poor picture quality, software crashing and channels not being available.

An easy way to avoid being caught out by the scammers is to buy from an established organization with a proven reputation like Satellite TV For PC Elite Edition. There are two or three providers who have been around for a number of years and can provide independent testimonials. For additional protection, pay using something like PayPal or buy the product through reputable payment processors such as Clickbank.

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Watch TV Online Free Today, Discover the Difference.

by Jim Denison

Before you buy, get the inside scoop on the TV for PC programs. As you would probably surmise, most of the services don't live up to their claims. Most services available are of good to poor quality and most of the shows are telecast in many different languages. Before you decide to get online TV for PC, make sure you do your research.

With most of the available programs, it's really like watching high quality Satellite Television on your Computer. Image quality far exceeds any other sites such as Youtube or MetaCafe. Most channels can be viewed at 720p and some at 1080p. Best part is the amount of channels available, for free!! Often, up to 3500 channels are offered and sometimes many more. If you're familiar with other satellite systems and cable TV, you know that your basic channels are set at one price and then you pay extra for premium channels, such as movies, sports and information channels. Not with these new programs, it's all included for free!

So, is it possible to replace your cable or satellite programs with this one? Sure you can. And of course when you hook up your PC to the TV, you'll get much better picture quality than you could ever get from your older providers. Have you ever sat down and tried to scan through 3500+ channels before? It's overwhelming. A company by the name of Satellite Direct managed to include all the basic channels as well as all the premium channels you would normally pay extra for. As an example, all the sports channels and premium channels at DirecTV or Dish would cost in the neighborhood of $300 per month! Believe it or not, these channels all tune in with near perfect clarity. Normally, 480i is the standard for cable channels and 720p is the standard for HiDef channels, but with Satellite Direct if it says HDTV, it's really HDTV at 1080p and that's only if your TV supports that high of HiDef. Guess what, if it's not, it's time to buy a new TV too!

Now, you're able to watch tv online free today and observe the Big Games LIVE without any additional costs or annual subscription! Tired of missing the Big Game because your cable company doesn't carry it, or better yet, it's blacked out because some idiot in New York or Los Angeles decides it's within your driving area of say...1500 miles? I know I've tried to sit down and watch my favorite team just to find this out! Kind of ruins your day, doesn't it?

So, stop paying for high-priced cable or satellite services and watch all your favorite TV programs on your PC or your Pc to TV and never have to pay for it again!

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Information about Satellite TV Online Software

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